picture of a banner saying hail and a picture of a hail damage hood implying that the lord of the dings llc limited lifetime warranty is for hail damage

For our PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) Warranty to be upheld, we require clients to maintain the vehicles original paint properties in the same condition in which the vehicle was contracted for repair, considering normal de-metallization at the point of the dent repair to prevent repaired dents from returning. Our Paintless Dent Repair work includes a lifetime limited warranty for the current owner of the affected and repaired vehicle. Warranty is non-transferable, no exceptions. Claims are subject to review which takes into consideration the owners responsibility to maintain the vehicle in an acceptable and operating state. Warranty is good for as long as you own your vehicle.  This warranty shall become null and void if the vehicle is sold, stolen, traded-in, owner transfer or subject to subsequent damage or in the event that LOTD can determine if the damage in question differs from the original repair order. All warranties are subject to exception, limitation and cancellation pursuant to conditions agreed upon in the repair order, signed by client and LOTD representative, prior to repairs being performed. If in the event LOTD Paintless Dent Repair process results are found to be defective under this warranty, LOTD will repair such quantity of dents and correct paint flaws, proven to be defective as a result of the LOTD process. LOTD will provide labor and materials free of charge during the warranty period.

*LOTD = Lord of the Dings LLC

LOTD Has a NO DRILL Policy On Insurance Vehicles. 

Meaning LOTD uses factory access where applicable or the glue pulling method where applicable.  

hail damage being shown in a paintless dent repair light on a GMC Duramax Truck
hail damage being shown in a paintless dent repair light on a GMC Duramax Truck


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