Lord of the Dings Blog Posts How Much Does Paintless Dent Repair Cost?

How Much Does Paintless Dent Repair Cost?

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How Much Does Paintless Dent Repair Cost?

Let’s face it dents happen. Whether it be from going to the grocery store and someone you parked next to opens their car door and the wind catches it causing an accidental dent in your car door. Or that run a way shopping cart that decides to roll down a hill right into your automobile. Another cause of car damage can be hail damage, debris or other objects failing out of the sky and hitting your car. However you got those dings in your car whether it be from driving or parked they happen, but how much does dent repair cost?

Dent Repair Cost Estimates

There is no one size fits all for how much a dent repair would cost. There are a lot of variables that go into determining how much it would be to repair a dent. For example it depends on location, depth, size, what the panel is made out of and if there is any removing of the panel to repair such dent. If the dent is in a location where it is hard to get to then you will spend more versus if the dent is in an open location.   If the dent is deep and sharp you will spend more. Larger dents will cost more to repair than smaller dents.  Also, if the panel is made out of aluminum or high strength steel it will cost more to repair. It also depends what repair facility you choose to repair your dent or ding. 

The last determining factor on how much it will cost to repair your dent is paint damage. Paint cracked?  Are there chips? Is there rust or deep scratches? Odds are when you have one of those factors with the dent it will need repainted or the part will need to be replaced. Exposed metal over time will rust and then it spreads leading into expensive repairs or replacement of the panel. If your dent is does not have any of those factors then you can opt for the faster and most cost-efficient repair option which is paintless dent repair.

Shop Around To Get Multiple Estimates

When shopping around to get multiple estimates on how much it will cost to repair your dent. You will get a range anywhere between $50-$3000 or even more, especially when it comes to hail damage. That is a pretty big range, but you can budget effectively if you get multiple estimates from dent repair facilities in your area to get a more accurate estimate. You can compare and decide where to get those car dents repaired. Look for the dent repair facilities that show their work on their website. Remember you will pay for perfection. Not all dent companies are created equal and the ones that offer to repair your dents on the cheep, run as fast as you can. If you want a quality job done right the first time go with Lord of the Dings a name you can trust.

Finding A Professional Dent Repair Near You 

It can be heartbreaking finding out that you have a dent in your bran new car.  It is even more heartbreaking. Handing your bran new vehicle over to someone. Who has no idea how to fix your dent properly. The most stress free thing you can do for yourself and your vehicle. Is finding professionals that have the right tools and a technician with more than ten years of experience and offer a lifetime warranty on “PDR-able” repairs to remove that dent in your vehicle. While providing an itemized invoice of what was done to your vehicle after completing the repair work. Please keep in mind that you should be willing to pay after the repairs are completed. With cash, check, credit card for quality dent repair services. To avoid cheep repairs that do not last long. If you are looking for professional paintless dent repair services, contact Lord of the Dings today – visit the link and fill out the form for a free estimate or you can text us photos of your damage car. Give us a chance to earn your business today!

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